Simon Cole

Simon, cousin to Russell, has always had a huge passion for technology. When Simon was 10 his grandfather would let him and his brother watch him play Doom on his DOS based computer and later in the years play Super Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64. Since then, gaming and computers hooked Simon into the world of technology.

Through school Simon became IT team leader who would help the younger kids in the school learn how to use computers and help them with their work, in college is where he learned how to read and write computer language which helped fuel his passion for technology.

In his spare time, he enjoys learning new programming languages, building computers and playing as many video games as he can fit in a single day!

Simon met Russell through Glen (Simon’s Uncle) with Future Refurbishments, where he was hired to help out with their website side of the business. Once Future’s site was complete, Russell introduced him to CoolWalls where he now works with the team to bring you the great products you see on the store!