Blackboard Paint 500ml (Lime)

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MagPaint Blackboard Paints can be used on almost any smooth surface to create a chalkboard of any size or shape required! Touch dry within 30 minutes and ready to use after 24 hours; this Blackboard Paint is perfect for use within offices, schools, homes, on full walls, cupboard doors, table tops… anywhere you require a chalkboard surface!

Professional Install Recommended!

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MagPaint Blackboard Paint is a new and improved water-based paint, non-toxic and is VOC and lead free. The paint is best applied with a short haired nap roller for a smoother surface. Usually requires just one coat, but may require two depending on existing surface colour, texture and method of application. Why not try something completely different and use it in conjunction with ‘Magnet Paint’ and create a true magnetic chalk board!
This 500ml tin covers up to 5m² with one coat.
This size tin is ideal for school, home and office use, or anywhere you need a small work or play area.

+ Installation Instructions

The area to be painted must be clean, dust free, dry, smooth and free of grease and detergents. Uneven layers of paint or peeling areas of paint must be removed. Sand over the surface with sand paper to give the smoothest finish possible. If you are painting over a glossed or semi-glossed surface, you must scuff the area with sandpaper to ensure the Blackboard Paint has something to adhere to. Following sanding, the surface must be cleaned to remove dust. To clean the surface, simply use a clean cloth which is damp with water only to wipe over the area. Allow to dry thoroughly. If you are painting a full wall you must mask off the ceiling where it meets the wall, adjoining walls and skirting boards or the floor as you will need to roller to the very edges. If only painting a portion of the wall, apply a masking tape border to the area prior to painting which will give a clean edge.PRIMING THE SURFACE
Irregular or highly absorbent surfaces will require a suitable primer to be applied before the Blackboard Paint coat can be added. This applies to potential surfaces such as glass, wood, stone, metal, plastic, melamine and concrete. Blackboard Paint should never be applied directly onto surfaces such as these as it will not adhere leaving a very poor finish.

Blackboard Paint should be applied using a short nap roller. Remove loose hairs from the roller prior to use by rinsing it under fresh running water. Open the Blackboard Paint and mix thoroughly for around three minutes until the pigment is evenly mixed throughout the paint. NEVER MIX THIS PAINT WITH ANOTHER PAINT.

Coat your roller well with Blackboard Paint and roll over the area in straight lines giving an even coat. Avoid overlapping the paint as much as is possible. Roller up to the very edge of the area you want to cover. Paint Brushes should not be used with Blackboard Paint. Coverage must always be maintained at up to 5m² per 0.5L tin with one coat. If painting Blackboard Paint over a light coloured surface, more than one coat may be necessary. Please allow 4 hours of drying time in between coat. Masking Tape must be removed following the application of the final coat. Please allow 24 hours to dry before using chalk on the Blackboard Paint.

Only use good quality chalks that contain no oils or wax with Blackboard Paint. Blackboard Paint can be primed before use if necessary; simply lay a piece of chalk on its side and cover the area in a thin coat of chalk. Then rub away using a clean dry cloth. To clean your Blackboard Paint, simply use a clean cloth which is damp with water only to wipe over the area. Allow to dry thoroughly. Never use chemicals or abrasive detergents to clean the Blackboard Paint.

Rollers and trays can be cleaned using warm, soapy water following use. For best results, soak in warm soapy water as soon as you have finished using them before the paint starts to dry. If you get Blackboard Paint on your skin, simply wash off with soap and water.

Professional Install Recommended!

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