We take any support issue seriously and offer online chat and email support, for the ‘old school’ out there we still offer telephone support too.

Product FAQ's

What is the best way to contact Cool Walls?

UK Sales: hello@coolwalls.co
International Sales:  hello@coolwalls.co
Customer Service:  hello@coolwalls.co
Installation: hello@coolwalls.co
Media:  hello@coolwalls.co
Careers: hello@coolwalls.co

What is the best way to learn about Cool Walls?

To learn about our company, products and people, please fill our request information form or send us an email and someone will reach out to you shortly. If you’re interested in general news happenings, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or connect with us on Facebook.

Does Cool Walls ship orders outside of the UK?

Yes! Customers across the globe can buy our products through our distributors. Email hello@coolwalls.co with any questions.

How much time is there to change my order before it ships?

Cool walls strives to ship orders quickly so if changes are needed, call as soon as possible on 03335 771190 But, never worry – if an order has already shipped, the Cool walls team is here to help with all requests. Just shoot us an email at hello@coolwalls.co

When does an order ship?

Orders will normally ship within two business days.

How much does Cool Walls charge for shipping?

Shipping varies based on the size of the order and where it is going. Shipping costs will appear on the order page before an order is finalised and officially placed.

Can I pay on account?

Unfortunately we do not offer accounts all purchases need to paid up front.

Can you deliver to Republic of Ireland?

Yes – but there will be a delivery charge for this. please contact sales team at hello@coolwalls.co or call for a quotation.

Are you able to send samples out?

We can send samples out of certain products. please contact sales team at hello@coolwalls.co or call for more information.

Installation FAQ's

Do you provide an installation service?

Yes – Cool Walls highly recommend that you use our installation service. We have professional installers that will ensure your products are installed to their full potential and defect free.

We have repaired many projects for clients that have chosen to user their ‘in-house’ decorators.

Please contact us for more information hello@coolwalls.co or call us for a quotation.

Do you offer 'traditional' decorating services?

Yes – We have decorators within our team and all of our Dry Erase Paint installers are competent decorators.

Will Cool Walls visit me to offer advice?

Yes – We’re always happy to make visits to offer our advice and share our knowledge. Just drop us an email hello@coolwalls.co or call us 0333 5771190 and one of our team will be in contact to arrange a free visit.

What’s the best way to care for your new cool walls surfaces?

Our products give you the space you need to think, create, and collaborate. It works like a charm when you treat it well.

Please email us at hello@coolwalls.co the product you have purchased and we will return our user guide.

Does it have to be walls?

No – and we recommend getting creative with them, whether doors, cupboards, windows, desks……the choices are endless. Just remember though our products are only as good as the surfaces that they’re applied to so they need to be ‘sound’.

What about dust & smells?

Our installation teams keep dust to a minimum, with protective sheeting between rooms and covering surfaces, dust isn’t usually an issue.

Most of our products are odourless, in the rare instance that we install a product with an odour it will be of such a low level you probably won’t even notice it.

Does Cool Walls guarantee it's installations?

Yes – This should never happen as we work on a ‘snag-free’ first time policy. In the most unlikely event we would request that you contact our Founder and Team Leader direct as it will be a matter that he will want to deal with personally. If there is any failure during the installation application or preparation process we will return of course, at no cost to you, to get it right.

Can I view the Cool Walls Health & Safety Policy?

Yes – Please click here to download a copy.

We also provide method and risk assessments before we carry out any installation, examples of these can be requested by emailing us hello@coolwalls.co

Can I view the Cool Walls Public Liability Insurance?

Yes – Please click below.

The Cool Wall Company Ltd PL Insurance