Painting & Decorating Show!

The biggest and greatest Painting and Decorating annual trade show in the UK exploded in colours at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, two amazing days on the 28th &  29th of November where all sorts of companies big and small got their chance to show people what they can do.

The Cool Walls Company Ltd was there with its’ own stand to show the world what we do best.

We catch up with Russel Bungay (CEO of Cool Walls) and Mark Groves (Installation Genius at Cool Walls) to share with us their amazing experiences at the P&D Show.


Russel Bungay

“Met some great people and the atmosphere was warm and friendly, I was so surprised with how many people had never heard of magnetic or writable walls using paint products.”

Mark Groves

“It was nice to speak to other exhibitors at the show and to learn more about other great new products on the market. I’m sure we will be installing some of these in the not too distant future!”


The  response from both decorators and consumers was both overwhelming and very positive. We did two master classes where we demonstrated the application of Magnetic plaster and Magnetic paint, we had many requests afterwards for more information especially with combining Magnetic products with writable paint products.

We shared a 11 meter long stand with our good friends Magna Muros (aka Mag paint) who supply us with many amazing products to break down mundane walls and unleash true creativity.

Along side us was Roy Greenwood, who handles MagPaint UK to bring great products to us, and Stella Humphrey, who takes on the task of marketing and development. It was great fun sharing the floor space with you both!

We got to see some friendly faces at the show, from previous clients in the construction industry to decorators and Cool Walls installers from around the country. Such as our good friends on the Dulux stand as well as Green Monkey AV, who you may recognise from our loop video in the Gallery (Coming soon!) of a recent MagPlaster install with Sketch Pro over the top!

The best part of the show is checking out new and exciting products that are coming to the market, and we get to experience them first hand! In fact we have discovered a brand new product that we believe will give you more ways to customise your walls!

Keep an eye out on the Cool Walls website for more information on this unique wall cover product using recycled cotton wall!

A massive thank you to the people behind the Painting & Decoration Show! It was truly an amazing experience.