New Range Now Instock!

We have been working hard at bringing great products directly to you, and now that hard work has paid off as we have just added over 12 new items (with more to come!) to the store.

Let creativity flow at home or in the work place with low cost Blackboard paint, great for keeping kids entertained or to brainstorm ideas quickly.

Winner of the Reddot Award 2016 is the Magnet Plaster by MagPaint, transform the functionality of your walls to provide multi-function abilities to your business. You can even use wallpaper or just simply paint over the plaster (including whiteboard surface paint such as SketchPaint Pro!) to make it blend in with the surroundings.

If re-plastering a wall is too much for your home environment, why not take a look at Magnet Paint! A low cost alternative to making a magnetically receptive wall, just like the plaster you can paint over the Magnet Paint once dry to achieve multi-functionality or to fit with the theme of the room.

Finally we have SketchPaint Pro, one of the best whiteboard paint solutions on the market! Not only does it have an easy application method (no more mixing 2 solutions together), it has a cure time of only 24 hours where it will be ready for use!

We have tons more coming to the store, so keep checking back!